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    Welcome to Seoul International Fair and Sustainable Tourism Forum 2017!

    2017 is a year of sustainable tourism development designated by the United Nations.
    According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international arrivals reached up to 1.25 billion last year and this amounts to
    10% of global GDP. We are witnessing a dramatic quantitative growth in tourism as the number of international tourists is increasing
    every year. In response
    residents and tourists are increasingly demanding sustainable growth focusing on environmental conservation and respect for social
    culture and residents in tourism destinations.

    While the concept of “responsible tourism” which emphasises the responsibility of tourists and the industry has emerged from the
    European region in Asia and Africa more emphasis has been placed on inclusive forms of tourism which engage communities as leaders and guides as in  Community-Based Tourism or CBT.  
    Korea has also witnessed an increasing demand for fair tourism. Over the last 10 years as volumes have increased tourists and citizens
    have come to favour forms of tourism where the environment is conserved, economic benefits are created, and everyone’s rights to free travel is observed during tourism. The tourism industry in Korea has recently experienced a decline in international arrivals, some areas of the country are suffering from over-tourism, overwhelmed with complaints of residents. This is common trend appearing not just in
    Seoul but also in other big cities in Europe and Asia, such as Barcelona and Venezia.

    The Seoul Metropolitan City held the 1st Seoul International Fair and Sustainable Tourism Forum last year under the theme of “Tourism that Everyone is happy: Big Cities and Fair Tourism, Big Cities and Village Tour”. In the spirit of fairness and the sustainability of tourism,
    we discussed at the forum how to realise the idea of fair tourism in big cities and how to share the methods. This year, the forum is
    expected to be a venue for a lively and enthusiastic dialogue where the tourism industry, tourists and residents in tourism destinations
    can have achieve fair and sustainable tourism.

    We would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Seoul Metropolitan Government and UNWTO for their cooperation and utmost efforts
    for the preparation of the forum, and I also thank all the relevant officials from local governments and fair trade associations who have
    supported and actively engaged in the journey of Seoul Metropolitan Government for “Happy Fair Tourism”.

    We sincerely appreciate in advance your interests and participation in Seoul International Fair and Sustainable Tourism 2017.

    Thank you.

    Organizing Committee of Seoul International Fair and Sustainable Tourism Forum 2017
    Joint Committee Chair of the Organizing Committee

    Hyo-woo Na (CEO of Good Travel),
    Harold Goodwin (Emeritus Professor and Director of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University,
    Managing Director of the Responsible Tourism Partnership and advisor to the World Travel Market on its Responsible Tourism
    programme at WTM London)

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